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Become a Fighter Pilot for the day at Australia’s premier flight adventure company.  Our purpose built facility with panoramic view’s of the Brisbane City, offers each client first-class service to ensure their adventure is uniquely memorable and enjoyable. Without comparison, Fighter Pilot integrates the most elite combination of customer service, high-performance former military aircraft and multi-media course presentations available in the aviation industry. We have flown thousands of customers, each having had a wonderful, thrilling and rewarding experience with our team of adventure experts.

Please review the sections below that detail why Fighter Pilot is the very best choice worldwide. We look forward to providing you, your family and friends with a fun-filled aviation experience that will last a lifetime.

Why Fighter Pilot

Test Pilots

The only way to experience a true-to-life aviation adventure of the caliber offered by Fighter Pilot is under the guidance of the very best pilots the world has to offer. We only select pilots that are committed to providing the very best customer service in a safe, fun-filled atmosphere of adventure. Ensuring you and your guests have an experience that will last a lifetime is second only to your safety. Our entire team at Fighter Pilot is devoted to ensuring your event is both exciting and memorable.

Corporate Facility

The Fighter Pilot headquarters, based in Brisbane Australia, is a 6500 square foot facility on the southern flight line of the Archerfield airport (YBAF). From client reception through to the spacious event hosting area characterized by a panoramic view of the airport’s four 4,000 foot runways and a spectacular view of the Brisbane City, our facility is custom designed specifically to host our adventure clients in a first-class corporate environment. The theme of our main lounge parallels the high-tech fighter squadron atmosphere common to elite NATO forces worldwide.

World Class Aircraft

At Fighter Pilot we take pride in being able to offer the widest range of former military aircraft in Australia. From Modern Jet Fighters to classic WWII Fighters and Trainers. Become a Top Gun Pilot for a day and fly your very own Adventure Mission with Australia’s premier air adventure company

Our aircraft are fitted with the latest multi media devices that capture the whole adventure. Combat missions utilise our unique smoke generator systems to create a realism like no other.

For more details on our Aircraft….

Fighter Pilot the home of “The Flying Undertaker”

Fighter Pilot is the home of “The Flying Undertaker”. The P-51D Mustang with the dorsal fin represented the most typical Mustang configuration. The wingspan was 37 feet with an area of 233 square feet and was 32 feet 3 inches long. Height was 13 feet 8 inches. The Packard-built Merlin V-1650-7 was capable of delivering 1,695 hp which provided a speed of 437 mph at 25,000 feet. Weights were 7,125 lbs. empty and 10,100 lbs. normal gross, but an additional 2,000 lbs. could be carried. Internal fuel capacity was 105 gallons, giving a range of 950 miles at 362 miles per hour at 25,000 feet.

To say P-51 Mustangs were successful would be an understatement. It is considered to be the best piston aircraft of World War II and became one of the world’s aviation elite. A total of 14,819 Mustangs of all types were built for the USAAF. American Mustangs destroyed 4,950 enemy aircraft making them the highest scoring US fighter in the Europe Theater of Operations. They were used as dive-bombers, bomber escorts, ground-attackers, interceptors, for photo-recon missions, trainers, transports (with a jump-seat), and after the war, high performance racers.

Fighter Pilot the home of “SteadFast”

Fighter Pilot is the home of the world record holder SteadFast Race 33 at the National Championship Air Races, Steadfast is a Yak 3U-R2000. Built by the Yakovlev Design Bureau of Russia.

SteadFast started its racing career at Reno in 2006 with Will Whiteside, as Pilot and team owner. Will over the next 6 years was able to prove the Russian design as a fast formidable racer. October 2011 SteadFast took out the under 3000 kg World Speed Record, around the Bonneville course in Wendover Utah 416 MPH. In February 2012  SteadFast took out several time to Climb Records including the 1C-1D time to 10000 feet in 125 seconds. Later that year SteadFast was the Unlimited Silver Champion at Reno. Today SteadFast holds 9 world records. In 2013 SteadFast was exported to Australia where it is now based in Brisbane Queensland.

Fighter Pilot is very excited to be able to offer Team SteadFast fans and guests the opportunity of a lifetime to fly in not just any warbird. Fighter Pilot has a range of SteadFast flights open to the public. Now is your opportunity to don the Fighter Pilot helmet and flight suit and experience the break neck acceleration that SteadFast is world famous for. click here for SteadFast flights.

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Cameron Rolph-smith flying the USAAF P-51D Mustang 'The Flying Undertaker' of Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights over Wivenhoe Dam west of Brisbane at sunset.

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